Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I can see why people get addicted to ATCs! They are really fun to make! I'm still learning and experimenting, and it takes me too long to make one, but I'm getting a little faster at it, I think. I love this sweet little angel. The glitter on her wings doesn't show up too well, unless you click on the picture and make it bigger. Oh, I do love to put accents of glitter on just about everything I make to add a little sparkle!


Jean said...

Oh she's beautiful!!!! I take a long time to make mine too LOL! ...and then I don't want to trade them away because they are like children, I want to keep them here, safe and sound.....I love to take them out and just look at them...maybe someday I'll get better at letting them out!!

Janny said...

She is lovely;o)

Sharon said...

Hello, Jannie :)

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such lovely comments. It is very much appreciated.

Your little atc is absolutely adorable. I enlarged the pic so that I could see all the sparkly bits ... it is sooooooo beautiful. :)

Also, thank you for sending my little dog, Charlie (he's a baby shih tzu) your best wishes. He is getting stronger every day, thank goodness.

Sending love to your little dog too. x

I will visit again soon.

Bye for now. :)

Heather Robinson said...

Oh are in your element with these atcs. This one is simply delightful. The flourishes just seem to symbolize the flow of music to me! Lovely work.

Sarah said...

oh! I love your sweet little ATC! I've only made a couple myself. Love her hat...did you do it on photoshop or cut and paste?

Jeannene said...

I my Goodness, you are fantastic making these. I love your style. I need more practice myself. They are fun (to look at.) There is no end to making them. Whatever your heart and creative mind desires...

Love it!!

KardKrazy said...

Oh, this is just the perfect it!
Funny that you remark how long it takes to make an ATC. It seems the smaller the canvas the longer it takes to create. Inchies take me longer to make than a 5x 7 card.
And I cannot believe the mess I create just making one moo!
Anyway, thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I've placed yous into my Google Reader!

Maggie Ann said...

Your ATC is adorable...I like the glitter on her wings too. It usually takes me too long to collage, especially when I'm trying to come up with a theme someone else thought up!