Friday, April 11, 2008

"Of Ladies and Gentlemen"


I saw this guy strutting his stuff up on top of a barn roof while we were visiting a place called "Daffodil Hill" -- It's located about 12 miles outside of a darling town named Sutter Creek, CA. I've never been so close to a peacock before! When I was in 4th grade, (a hundred years ago), we weren't allowed to use ballpoint pens; instead, we used cartridge pens, which were a type of fountain pen. There was a small, plastic cartridge full of ink that you inserted into the barrel of the pen. The ink was usually navy blue, sometimes black, and they had red, also. Then the Sheaffer company came out with a new color, "Peacock Blue." I remember begging my mother to buy the little plastic cartridges in the new color because that was the "in" color at school. It was a very pretty color, similar to the color in this bird's tailfeathers. Isn't he something? His beautiful plumage speaks for itself, I think!

"The pride of the peacock is the glory of God." (William Blake)

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