Monday, April 28, 2008

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My husband and I had the great pleasure of spending the day Saturday with 2 of our grandchildren; we took them to a nature center, where we explored outside exhibits, experienced hands-on exhibits indoors, and then took a long nature walk at the preserve. It was fun and exciting to see things through their eyes. Indoors we saw live salamanders, snakes, turtles, and a beautiful great-horned owl who was sleeping most of the time. He finally opened his huge gorgeous eyes before we left! There were also exhibits showcasing the area's birds and fish. Outdoors, we saw a little Indian village, complete with wigwam-style huts, which showed how the Native Americans of the area used to live. We also saw polliwogs and little frogs, wild turkeys, lots of birds, including woodpeckers actually in the process of pecking the tree bark to get a tasty treat, deer, squirrels, and a large and interesting assortment of bugs! (The kids were most fascinated with those, I tell you!) We had a wonderful time with these two (our 9 year-old grandson and 5 year-old granddaughter) and were very proud of how good they were and how respectful they are of the natural world! We capped it all off with a trip to an ice-cream store and then took them home with us for awhile. We're so very blessed!

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