Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Expressions of Gratitude"

I found Debbie Overton's blog the other day; she is turning 50 this coming Sunday (CELEBRATE!!!!!!!), and she is calling for bloggers to share things they are grateful for, so here is my humble contribution:

I have much to be grateful for right now, so when I start to feel sorry for myself, (easy to do for me--I admit it), I automatically start some "self talk" to list things I am thankful for so I can get myself out of a negative place. First of all, I am very fortunate to be healthy, and every day I am thankful I can enjoy another day of life. I love this world so much! I am like a child in that I am constantly amazed by every new sunrise and sunset I see--I am amazed by cloud formations, seeing the moon during the daytime, and watching shooting stars fall from the night sky. I love the new growth in the spring and am enjoying all the beautiful flowers that are blooming everywhere right now! My husband doesn't understand why I get so excited--when I try to get him to share a sunset with me he often says, "I've already seen the sunset." Bless his heart, they are not all alike--and I have scads and scads of photos I've taken of them the past few years to prove it! Still, I love this guy so much, and I am so grateful he is a part of my life. I am grateful for my wonderful kids and the beautiful grandchildren they have given to me. (Number 9 is on the way--I just cannot believe it! How wonderful is that!) I'm grateful for my two terrific sisters and for my lovely mom. So today, this is what is on my mind, and I am smiling.


Nene said...

"Expressions of Gratitude" is perfect for everyday living! I just love what you have shared. I have a lot of your reasons to be grateful too! I love life and to embrace every and each day with LOVE in our heart and a song in our soul to sing. I know that sounds little (far fetched) but if we a least try...maybe we will be happier.

Love your Button of Audrey;-))

Jeannene (nene)

Heather Robinson said...

As I was reading this I just felt a kinship to you because I feel the same way about what others consider the "little things". There is just so much beauty in this world. The key is just to have a good look for it!! I'm grateful that you left such a lovely comment on my blog. See you love an Anita Shreve book too...she's such a favourite of mine.

Anonymous said...

Jann, than you so much for sharing such a heartful post of Gratitude and sharing in my celebration. Debbie