Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Bad Hair Day"

I went and had my hair cut and colored the other day. It was getting shaggy and starting to turn gray at an alarming rate, so I decided it would boost my self-esteem a little to go and have something done about it. I was so looking forward to being "pampered" a little after these last couple of stressful months and the depression I've been fighting, and, well, it didn't work out too well! I went to a "salon and spa" (their description) that really wasn't either one of those things, and, unfortunately, paid a lot of money for a lousy haircut and a too-dark color that was left on way too long--the gal just left me sitting there for almost an HOUR while she cut and colored other clients' hair, and then rushed through the cut she gave me. I've never had anyone do that before! Stupid me, it was my fault for not getting up and saying, "Um, do you think you could wash my hair before this stuff sears the skin off my scalp?" Oh well, it isn't as horrible as this poor person's hair in the photo, but it was disappointing, to say the least. My sweetie just said, "Oh, your hair looks nice," and when I said how sorry I was that I'd gone there, he said, "Well, wait a month, and you can go somewhere else and get it done the way you want it." I thought that was awfully nice of him, since he's the one who paid for it! By the way, I don't know where I found this cabinet card--it was in some antique shop a couple of years ago, I think--I can't imagine what this poor person had to go through to get their hair crimped like that-- but she looks as though she thinks she's pretty stylish!

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SweetAnnee said...

I think I posted..but I don't see it

sorry about your hair..(when I have some)
my daughter does mine and
it's always GREAT..too bad you
weren't closer..she rocks!!