Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Funnies- Ann Miller

Here's a clip of dancer and actress Ann Miller at age 14, in the 1937 film, Stage Door. The movie included several famous stars in their early careers, such as Katherine Hepburn, Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers. Ball and Rogers helped Ann get her first speaking role in this movie, although Ann had initially lied about her age and said she was older than she really was. Enjoy!


Lydia said...

What a great clip! Love her dancing:)

Lydia said...

Can't believe that she is only 14 here! She looks more mature.

But then, when I and a friend were 14, we said that we were 17 and went to West Point for a night, and had dates w/two plebes.

What a mistake! Those 1st year cadets were deprived and all hands! haha we got away laughing. haha We were/are tall and always looked older when younger.:)

My brother had gone to West Point, so our parents sanctioned the trip. They must have thought that the cadets were all gentlemen.haha