Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday-Celebs You're Tired Of

Here's my list for yesterday's Ten on Tuesday:

Paris Hilton
Myley Cyrus
Britney Spears
Heidi & Spencer
Lyndsay & Sam
Kate Gosselin
Amy Winehouse
Tori Spelling
Brad, Angelina, & Jennifer

Not only am I tired of seeing and hearing about these people, I'm sick to death of the way the media goes nuts over them. Several of these celebrities have absolutely no talent, and yet there they are, being fawned over. There are so many worthwhile things the media can report about, yet they choose this, over and over. I can turn off my television, yes, but I can't stop going to the grocery store and seeing their faces plastered all over the magazines and tabloids! Like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz says, "What a world, what a world!"


Debra said...

Yeah! Thanks for saying it, so true! Celebrities and the wanna-be's, toss in all those darn stupid "Reality" (yeah right) shows in the mix too! Hate them. A bunch of people trying to "act". Honestly where have all the "good" screenwriters gone? I thought the strike was over. So why do we still have all this "dead" space on TV filled with gossip, and garbage? I like watching The Soup, I love how Joel McHale mocks all these people, ( which by the way is the only way I know about most of them).

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

So very true...couldn't agree with you more Jann!
Carol Anne