Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Funnies - Vintage Drive-In Intermission Ad

Remember the drive-in movies? When I was little, my parents took us to the drive-in a lot. We'd go to the Van Nuys theater (info here) or the Victory Theater (go here for interesting info on this one) in the San Fernando Valley, (Southern California), to see a double feature, and, because seeing 2 movies at a time in those days was common, we kids would get dressed in our jammies and robes, and my mom would make popcorn, putting it into a big paper grocery bag, and we'd all excitedly pile into our station wagon. I remember my dad stopping at the entry booth to pay (in those days you only paid per car, not per person), and then he'd find the perfect place to park in the big, asphalt-covered lot. Then he would fiddle with those speakers that were hung on poles, rolling down the car windows to hang them on the window and get them tuned in. There was a swing-set down by the front of the lot, and a big snack bar in the middle, and lots of other cars and families parked in the "stadium" lot. To a little kid, it seemed to take forever for the sun to finally go down and the sky to turn dark enough for the movie to start. I clearly remember the intermission commercials, one of which was this exact one that appears below. Later, I would sleepily look at the starry sky out the car window late at night when my dad was driving us home, and thinking that it was the most wonderful and mysterious thing, those planets and stars way up there, shining and twinkling at me. Ah, what sweet memories!

Drive-In Intermission Ad:

And now, here's the Homer Simpson version: