Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thank You, Thank You!

Today I had a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox! Sweet Faith of Faith's Vintage Vanity sent me these lovely vintage treasures; I was the lucky person who won her very first giveaway! I've not won many things in my life, and it was a sweet surprise when she notified me. I'm so grateful to her for the lovely earrings, pair of vintage gloves, needle threader, beautiful old lipstick holder, and the wonderful buttons and lacy, star-shaped doily. Thank you, Faith, so very much! I will have fun thinking of all the things I can do with these lovely gifts. You're a sweetheart!


Myrna said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway!
What great treats you received!!

Jeannene said...


from what I see you really got a charming package. I love all of it and so happy for you.

I have been very busy, but I know I must email you with my addy.


The Feathered Nest said...

I'm so glad that you won Jann!! It's so fun to have giveaways and fun to win them too!! Looks like she send some beautiful treasures...they look pretty all together! xxoo, Dawn

Treasure Barn said...

What a lovely surprise.
Thanks for stopping by my blog Jann. No I did not create the picture of the soldiers. I actually got it from an email I received.

Cherish every moment with your Mother Jann. It is so hard to lose them. SOrry about your Father too. Life goes on but it is hard when you lose your parents. So many things I still want to talk to her about but she is not there.
Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, grandchildren are so fun and so precious and one doesn't know until they become one just what it feels like do they?

Jean said...

What an uplifting gift! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments!

You asked how I make my backgrounds, well, come and see my challenge site and I'm showing how I have been making my backgrounds!!

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

I'm so happy that you like them and thank you for your sweet words and for putting them on your blog. Hope you have fun with them and I will see you soon.


Sarah said...

Love your give away goodies!
Vintage Lily

Kimmie said...

Your blog is lovely! I enjoed the pictures and description of Morro Bay :) .... and your Sunday Funnies are fabulous! Your TMTA Towers is beautiful ... very romantic and sweet!