Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Garden Tour Week! Part 1-Flowers

Hosted by Sweet Annee,"Tour for a Cure" is a look at some wonderful gardens this week, while calling attention to the serious issue of trying to conquer breast cancer. (Click on the Tour for a Cure banner on the right side of my blog for a closer look at this, and down further, there is a blue badge with a pink ribbon that you can click to contribute to breast cancer research for free.) As I've noted before, I'm sort of living in "limbo" right now, and I don't know what my garden at my home in Idaho looks like because I haven't been there in 5 (egads!) months. We have a neighbor boy mowing our lawns and I'm told that the yards look great, so I have to trust that all is okay there. I have many photos of my flowers and the birds that always visited our yard every spring and summer, so I thought I'd share a few from last year and the year before.


SweetAnnee said...

Love your blooms ..the roses are
so lovely too!!
thanks for sharing your garden..

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Jann. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! Hugs, Sharon

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Jann, Beautiful flowers and wonderful cause! I loved all of your photos.
And, thank you for the compliment on my story.
Sending you love, Nita

Treasure Barn said...

What beautiful flowers. I can only imagine walking through the garden these were in.

thanks for stopping by my blog Jann and for the kind comments about my Daddy. You are right, he will always be in my heart until that day I see him in heaven.

I love your cello music.
God Bless You

Jan Parrish said...

Gorgeous. Especially that last one.

NeereAnDear said...

Such beautiful flowers... I love the colors of the roses... painterly and soft....your garden must be a rainbow

Thanks for letting me visit

Stop by and say hello


Lydia said...

Wow! What gorgeous flowers. I especially love the last one above- What intensity of color!

So sorry that you have to be in such limbo for so long. We rented back our last house for 5 months. Made it a little easier, but the packing limbo thing was definately a trip.:) Lydia

Feathering My Nest said...

Your pictures are stunning. Your garden is lovely, and your birds are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

I like her hands too, in the previous post.

Your blog is very interesting. Kathi

Nance said...

Hi Jann,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your garden is beautiful. Is that white flower a rose or gardenia? I just love it! Thanks for sharing them.


Sarah said...

So pretty! Love the sunflowers. I can't wait until this fall when I can get my hand real dirty and plant new flower beds. Way to hot right now and I'm focusing on the inside of our home at the moment! But boy oh boy...gonna plan on some sunflowers seeds for next year and want to plant some of those wonderful peonies I've been seeing around blog land!
Vintage Lily