Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Funnies - "The Twilight Zone"

And now, for my all-time favorite spooky TV Intro--the old Twilight Zone series. I loved to be scared by that show! They had some interesting ideas for spooky scripts back then, I think: the creepy Talking Teena doll, the little girl who was stuck inside another dimension in the wall of her home, the giant child playing with the humans who were trapped in a fake town, the creature on the wing of the plane that haunted William Shatner--classics! And Rod Serling--that voice! Who better to take us across that border into "the land of shadow and substance" - the Twilight Zone? Enjoy your Sunday!!!!!

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Robin said...

Oh the many memories glued to the TV watching this show! I loved Rod Serling's intro.