Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Reasons Why I'm Behind This Christmas! (And they are ALL very good reasons, by the way!)






I am so blessed--these are a few of my kids and grandkids--Aimie, my beautiful daughter in the first photo, had surgery a couple of weeks ago. She and I were at the hospital that day for 10 hours--Gabby's other grandma brought her to me there around lunchtime, and so I took care of the two of them from that point on. Aimie stayed with us for 3 days. Then I caught a nasty virus and was sick all the next week. THEN, Stephanie, my other lovely daughter, the one in the photo with the three kids, also had surgery a few days ago, and did not do well afterwards. She and the older two kids stayed with us a couple of days and nights--she had a few complications, and it was tough going for awhile. I had the youngest boy, (Hyperactive Harry I call him, privately!) during the daytimes, and his dad took him at night. (Now I know why people usually have kids when they are young--whew!) So, everyone's back at home now, and Grandma Jann has been busy trying to catch up on 1) SLEEP, and 2) CHRISTMAS--WRAPPING, SENDING, DECORATING, BAKING, ETC, ETC., and so there's been no time for art, of course--hope to make some Christmas cards today!


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Lovely grandchildren you have there, Jann (and daughter, too:)
You HAVE been busy, boy. Those grandma duties can be exhuasting.
Glad everyone is out of the hospital and hope you all have a grand Christmas!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Jann! Oh how beautiful your daughters are and your grandchildren are as cute as can be!!! :) I'm so happy to see their pictures...what a precious family you have!!! :)
I'm so sorry to hear that Steph had such a hard time after her surgery, I hope she is doing much better now & Aimie too.
I have been thinking of you over Christmas, hope you are well and that you had a wonderful Holiday celebration!
Love you dear friend~Carol Anne