Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cards!

I managed to squeeze in some time yesterday to make cards to send to my mom and sisters. These beautiful images of Santa are from a very generous person on Flickr who has shared her gorgeous images. Unfortunately, they will not be available for long, as she thinks maybe a few dishonest people have gone against her wishes and copied her images to CDs and collage sheets for sale. So she is planning to take them off her site. I am so sad that, because of these few, the majority of us who are just so grateful to have her lovely images to use in our personal artwork will no longer be able to do so. I'm hoping to get a few "New Year's" cards made today, since I'm so late doing them for Christmas. Got the grandkids' gifts wrapped and under the tree last night, and was able to do a little baking yesterday, too. Now it's just housework and a little last minute shopping, and taking care of Gabby for awhile today!


Sandy said...

Wow Jann both are wonderful. Fantastic old santas. Love them.

Jnn, I wish you and your family a wonderful christmas.

Happy Holidays my friend.

Janny said...


Robin said...

Aren't these just the most adorable vintage Santa images!! I too have used these images and hate to hear that some people are profiting by using them. Your cards are absolutely beautiful!!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Your cards are so very beautiful Jann!! Love them & you too!! :)

Lynn said...

Your cards are beautiful Jann :)

As for the images, I have had these and quite a few like them for many years now which I purchased on a copyright free CD.
I think that probably what has happened is that more than one original card was made therefore a lot of people are going to have these images, know what I mean? Not just one person could possibly own an original. Hope that makes sense.