Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Evening Sunset

This afternoon, as my DH and I were running errands, I was really blue . . . I was just missing Idaho so much, and my family there and grousing about how crowded and ugly our town is, here . . . as I continued to hold my very own pity party, (attended by only 3 people, by the way--me, myself and I), and as my tears were falling into my lap, my dear husband said, "Well, if we weren't in California, we wouldn't be so close to the family we have here, and you would be missing them. Our family is the best thing we have here, and it's nice they are close by. Plus, the weather is better in the winter!" When we got home, the beauty of tonight's evening sky was all around us, and I couldn't stay sad when was standing outside basking in the mild and calm air. Even the weeds (those lavender flowers) in the field were beautiful! So I grabbed my camera and thought I'd share some of my pictures! Click on them for a better look! Good night, sleep tight everyone!

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Robin said...

Beautiful pics Jann! Hope the beauty around you lifted your spirits!!