Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Funnies

I found this little gem on YouTube. I thought it was cute, rare and unique, and something I'd never come across before. Enjoy!


Robin said...

Oh Jann this is hilarious!

Patti said...

This is wonderful! I just love you Sunday Funnies. My husband liked this one. Not your ordinary all girl band! I love it!!!!!

I am glad to hear that you are able to putter in you yard. I love to do that. We have had one warm sunny day so far. Believe me I took advantage of it. My daffodils don't know what to do. They are so full and pretty and drenched with rain and hail this morning. I am so ready for spring.

Have a good Sunday

Lydia said...

This is great! ( I think I have seen this in a movie).

Just watched 'The More the Merrier' with Jean Arthur. What a gem of a movie. Made me think of you and your you-tube video clips:)

I miss the old movies channels on cable. Used to get them in our package. Now, everything costs extra for every little thing.

Kim said...

I did enjoy that video , thank you!