Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Awards

I wanted to acknowledge the 2 sweet people who passed this award along to me--I was honored to be given the Kreativ Blogger Award by Debra of "It's All Good" and Carol Anne of "Carol Anne's Boutique"--they have wonderful blogs, by the way, and I'd love it if you'd visit them when you get the chance--it was a nice surprise and very kind of both of them to send this my way! The rules of the award are to list 7 things you love and then to pass the award along to 7 other bloggers. I have so many favorite blog sites that I visit, and as it's so very hard to choose only 7, and I have noticed that many of my favorite bloggers already have the award, I will list some of the things I love, and leave the award emblem on my blog sidebar, and "wear" it proudly. Thank you, Debra and Carol Anne, so very much, for thinking of me!


I love my husband, my children, and my grandchildren.
I love my faith.
I love nature--the sun, wind, rain, wildlife, flowers, trees, grass, life.
I love books; I've loved books and reading since I was tiny.
I love hot, black tea with cream and sugar.
I love good movies, especially classic black & white films.
I love my little dog, Baxter. (He's a Maltese/Yorkie mix and is only 5 lbs.!)

I also received this award from Lydia of "Beauty Will Surely Save the World" and she wrote the loveliest things about me on her blog. Lydia is wonderful, and her blog is always full of interesting and unique posts. Thank you, Lydia, you are so kind, and I appreciate your friendship more than you know.

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Nice things to love!