Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy As A Bee!

(Click on my photo to see the bee up close! I took this in my backyard a couple of years ago when my lilacs were in full bloom!)

Sorry I've been so busy with trying to put our new house together the past 3 weeks, and having lots of family over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and teaching part time, that I haven't posted much. I'm trying to get a room in our house set up as a craft room, but haven't even finished emptying boxes in there, yet. I'm getting organized, though . . . busy, busy!


Glenda said...

Hi Jann

Hope your Thanksgiving was nice.

I know what you mean about busy. I finally sold my parents home and now I can rest a bit.

Take care

Heather Robinson said...

You and I have been doing the same thing lately!! Sure hope you are getting settled in and that your new house feels like home. Love the photographs of the birds and flowers....both wonderful things to be grateful for.