Tuesday, November 25, 2008


During this Thanksgiving week, I've been thinking of so very many things I have to be thankful for. I haven't been able to blog or create much the past few weeks because of all this moving stuff, but I should be able to get going on some things next week. Meanwhile, here are 2 things I am grateful for right now, which have helped me stop and take a breath during a very hectic time for me: first, these lovely yellow daisies, which were here when we moved in; they brighten the days for me. Second, the little birds have found my feeder, finally, after it sat untouched for several days. I love the backyard birds and have always had feeders in my yard. I was so hoping they would discover the feeder, and yesterday, there were 15 birds out there at one point--they are so cute!


Glenda said...

I just put my feeder out the other day, and the birds found it today. They are so messy.

Sometimes I have squirrels eating up the dropped seeds. The only thing I worry about is mice and rats having it out.

Have a Happy Thanksgving


Nancy said...

What big beautiful flowers you have! Your birds and flowers are wonderful things to be thankful for.