Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still A Bit Under the Weather

This was me, recently! I think I've singlehandedly kept the Kleenex company in business over the past 2 weeks! I am still recovering from probably the worst cold I've ever had . . . I thought I had it made, healthwise, because I hadn't been sick in over 2 years! Unfortunately, colds always end up in my chest, and over my adult life, I've had more bronchitis needing antibiotics than I care to think about--FORTUNATELY, though, this time the bronchitis didn't get horribly bad and it was only the head cold part that was outrageous. I've been in the midst of unpacking what seems like billions of boxes for the past few days. I'm the kind of person who can't stand looking at a mess in my own house, so in spite of being sick, I've been working like crazy trying to get our new house in order. DH says to just STOP, but it's hard for me because I've always been so obsessive-compulsive about getting jobs done. I am so grateful to be finally feeling a little better, though--so very grateful!


Glenda said...

Poor you, I hate being sick.

I haven't had a cold yet, my last one was after a year of not having one and it was the worst, so the longer you don't have one the worst they are it seems.

DH is right rest, it will help you get over it faster.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Jann, I'm so sorry you've been feeling bad! Boy it sure makes you appreciate your health doesn't it? Moving is such a stressful thing too...I hope everything gets situated soon so you can rest! xxoo, Dawn

Patti said...

You sound like me! Sick or not things get done no matter how I feel.
Hope you are on the mend.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Jann...I know how you feel about getting things done. It drives me crazy too, I just have to finish what I started! Thinking of you and glad you are feeling a little bit better, but please try and get some rest in there too sweet one.
Love you,
Carol Anne

Anonymous said...
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