Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Morning, Jack the Rabbit!

Here's what was in our front yard this morning when I woke up! I was surprised our little visitor didn't even budge when my husband pulled his car out of the garage and left for work. I was able to snap a couple of pictures of him through one of the front bedroom windows. I'm sorry I haven't posted this week much--my crummy virus-cold-sore throat thing turned into an even crummier sinus infection, and I had to see the doc yesterday--it was my family doctor's associate, and he looked and talked so much like Dr. House in the TV series, House. As awful as I was feeling, he still got me and a very serious young medical student who was working with him to laugh. I actually felt better after a few laughs--and now I'm on an antibiotic, so things should turn around soon. I am having family visit--today my former stepdaughter, Kara, whom I raised for 12 years, and whom I love very much, and her beautiful one year-old daughter, Riley, arrived in Sacramento from Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow, my 6 month-old granddaughter, Lily, will arrive with her parents (my youngest son and his fiance)from Boise, Idaho--I am sooooooooo excited! I will post pictures soon!


Lydia said...

Jack looks big. No doubt breakfasting on your landscaping:) So nice to have little ones coming to visit.

I recently visited my niece w/her brand new little girl. She's gorgeous, and it was so terrific to hold a little one again:)Angels- every one of them...


vintage moon studio said...

Great to hear from you... and I am sorry you've been feeling so crummy! Hope you are on the mend and that you have a wonderful visit with your family. Happy Valentine's Day Jann!! xox Deb
ps ~ luv that bunny :0)

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Jann...Thinking of you sweet one...I sure hope the antibiotic has helped that awful virus you have. We have all been sick here this past week with bronchitis except for hubby. I hope he doesn't come down with it too! Started with Jeff then Mom and now me. Hope you are feeling much better!

What a cute little visitor you had the other morning! Where my Mom's house is, the bunnies & quail visit all the time. I used to love to sit on her patio and watch them. Sometimes the quail would have their babies with, are they ever cute!

So happy to read that your grandchildren, son and stepdaughter are visiting you! You must have had the best Valentine's Day with your 2 little sweeties there with you! I bet your precious Lily is getting big! I remember the picture you posted when she was born, oh, she was such an adorable little angel! Looking forward to seeing pictures!
Take care~
Love always,
Carol Anne

SweetAnnee said...

Isn't he cute!!! We don't have bunnies here..I think the coyotes have something to do with that.
We had bunny families in town

fondly, Deena